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Top Attributes of Fire Service Leaders

In 2014, we analyzed the thoughts on leadership held by our past 90 award recipients, spanning 27 years of YLD history. We asked, “What are the top attributes of fire service leaders from the perspective of other fire service leaders?” Six central concepts emerged, in rank:

#1 – Respect

Respect means having a high opinion of someone. Key attributes are dignity, good name, honor, prestige, and reputation.

#2 – Integrity and Honesty

To have moral and ethical strength. Key attributes are character, fiber, honesty, and principle.

#3 – Humility

Humility is a lack of vanity or self-importance. Key attributes are humbleness. Modesty, willingness to admit you are wrong in a graceful way, and being a gracious winner.

#4 – Fairness

Fairness means being just and unbiased. Key attributes are impartiality, justness, and objectivity.

#5 – Putting the Best interest of the Group Ahead of Self Interest

This is the ability to make decisions that benefit and strengthen the entire team, not just a few. Key attributes are being a mentor, motivating others and listening to others.

#6 – Positive Role Model

A positive role model is an individual that others look up to. A role model is consistent, passionate, confident, ethical, and respected for knowledge and experience.