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Letter of Recommendation

Improve your chance of receiving an award by establishing your credibility before the Awards and Scholarship Committee.

Over the years we have seen over a thousand good applications cross our desks. Unfortunately, some of these applications never went forward because they were missing the required “Letters of Recommendation.” Your application is not considered to be complete unless we receive three completed written Letters of Recommendation from three different people. You may turn in your application at any time prior to the deadline, and the Letters of Recommendation may be submitted with your application or sent separately at any time as long as they are received by the October 30th deadline.

Well-thought-out Letters of Recommendation can improve your chance of receiving an award because it helps establish your credibility before the Awards and Scholarship Committee.

Asking someone who knows you to write a Letter of Recommendation provides an opportunity to think about your career and education goals. Take the time to set up an appointment with the person you are asking to endorse you and use this opportunity to discuss your ambitions. Where do you want to be five years down the timeline professionally? Discuss your goals with your supervisors and mentors and seek feedback on what you can do to improve yourself and the organization you work or volunteer for. Even if you are not selected as a YLD award winner, there is value in thinking about your goals and discussing them with someone who has already experienced success in their career.

A good combination for Letters of Recommendation is to ask an immediate supervisor, your Chief, and perhaps another person who knows you well through an outside activity; e.g., a teacher, community leader, religious leader .., someone who can speak to your accomplishments, and potential to become successful in your work, training, or education.

Instructions for recommenders are provided on the application form.