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by Alfred Lansing (1959)

In 1914, explorer Edward Shackleton undertook an expedition to the South Pole. No satellite radio, no GPS, no freeze dried food, no rescue aircraft. Just “guts” and a team of very brave men who trusted and believed in their leader. Although the mission was a
failure, the resulting story of survival in the ice-bound Antarctic seas serves as a guide-post for leaders confronted with adversity.

The book recounts the failure of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Sir Ernest Shackleton in its attempt to cross the Antarctic continent in 1914 and the subsequent struggle for survival endured by the twenty-eight man crew for almost two years.

YLD Leadership Takeaway: Be Real – No one can fake leadership. And, if they can, it won’t last long. Acknowledging fear and vulnerability are far more valuable leadership skills than being cold or shut-off.

[ISBN13: 9780786706211]