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Ms. Mariya Dimitrova

I believe that a good leader is not only one who can make difficult decisions and be group-minded, but also one who can lead by example. Working in the Army has taught me the importance of putting my squad’s or my platoon’s needs before my own. It has also taught me the importance of making and implementing quick decisions. I have been the platoon leader on numerous unit training missions, where I am able to practice those skills under harsh physical and mental conditions. In addition, I implement those skills everyday on my job as an Emergency Medical Technician at St. Lawrence University. I have also realized that being an involved leader is the most important aspect of successfully managing a stressful situation. Being able to delegate work is not as important as showing your crew that you are willing to help, that you would not make them do anything that you would not do yourself. This creates positive morale within the crew, where instead of being told what to do, individuals volunteer to contribute to the overall mission. I am regularly the lead EMT on calls, which means I have to ensure my crew arrives at the scene, assign duties to each person, and make sure each task is complete. However, I never hand-off work to others. Instead, I am always an active member of the overall mission, in the Army or on a St. Lawrence EMS call.