Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation

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Ms. Genevieve Whitcraft

Being a Lieutenant I have found that leadership is a very complex subject. Almost everyone has a different view or opinion when it comes to leadership and how one should execute their responsibilities. I believe that no matter what level of authority the individual holds, their job is extremely important. To make a good, effective leader the individual has to realize the importance of their role, and the obligation to better the fire department and its members. Some might say that to be the boss and a friend is impossible.I agree that it is a very fine line but it can be accomplished and is being accomplished. Our fire department is very family oriented, everyone feels like part of the group. That is the key to leadership. No matter how small the task assigned, or who the individual is completing the task, make them feel like part of the team and that what they are executing is bettering the department and themselves. After all, without the firefighters there is no fire department, so treat them with the utmost respect and appreciation.