Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation

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Ms. Adria Paesani

A leader is a person who has the resources and tools to move an organization in a positive, efficient, forward-moving direction. Positive leadership begins with people and the concept of teamwork. Giving people the tools and skill sets to succeed not only benefits the morale of the individual, but benefits the organization as a whole. Leadership does not mean having answers to all the questions, but knowing where to find them and how to access them. No one person leads an organization, but relies on a superior team of people to drive the organization in a positive and efficient direction. One cannot lead an organization without the approval and respect of others, whether under your command or in your peer group. Forging professional relationships is a chief component of effective leadership and can benefit an organization exponentially. Internal relationships and relationships with other city departments, county and state agencies are essential in our careers in the fire service and have a direct correlation to the success of the organization.