Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation

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Mr. Scott Lancaster

My philosophy of leadership is to give back to the next generation by sharing the knowledge and experience I have received during my career. Not just in regards to hazmat, but in disaster and fire response as well. I try to encourage those around me without micromanaging or causing my leadership style to diminish the skills and confidence of the people in my direct command. The goal of any leader is the mission at hand and using the appropriate assets to get the mission accomplished. I rely on the people surrounding me to assist in the operations or carrying out of the mission.  Meaning I may not know all aspects of the mission, but there may be people who do, which should be utilized to help get the job done. Earning respect, exhibiting integrity and confidence in oneself, and building confidence in and listening to those around you should be the goals of every good leader. I believe listening is better than talking and the benefits of hearing all opinions is key to making critical decisions.