Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation

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Mr. Patrick Joseph Jessee

A person that possesses effective leadership possesses drive, vision, and ability. The drive makes a leader pursue more from both himself/herself and any group that he/she is associated with. This drive moves both the leader and group forward. Progress occurs as a result of this drive and goals can be obtained. Vision gives a direction for the goals of a leader and group to obtain. This vision must be communicated to all members so that the goals can be known to all involved. This inclusion of fellow members ism important since effective leadership is not possible without a collaborative effort from all involved. Ability arises in leadership as a means of achieving goals of the group. This ability can be seen in either efficient use of current resources or by a paradigm shift which allows new means of achieving goals to come to light. Leadership is always inclusive and brings success to everyone involved, it causes results to occur that benefit all, not simply the leader.