Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation

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Mr. John Caufield

I believe in a few simple concepts with regard to leadership. I like to lead by example when possible and appropriate. I firmly believe that a successful example provides confidence, and promotes motivation in others. As a leader, I try to encourage “my” firefighters/officers to offer their insight and opinions for my consideration. I recognize that no one person can solve all the problems in an organization, and therefore it is important to solicit different ideas from as many “good” sources as possible. I strongly believe in the concept of Total Quality Management (TMQ), particularly with regard to team building, and group problem solving. Whenever possible, I try to use the concept of empowerment and encourage my officers to do the same. Lastly, I do not endorse the idea that labor and management are, by definition, adversarial. I think that labor and management should work in conjunction toward common goals.