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Sacramento Metro Fire Captain Receives Hazmat Award

Captain Daniel Hoy, Metro Fire

In the heart of Sacramento, California, Captain Daniel Hoy stands as a beacon of excellence within the Metropolitan Fire District (Metro Fire). His recent recognition as a recipient of the prestigious 2023 Chief John M. Eversole Award for Hazardous Materials Emergency Responders speaks volumes about his exceptional leadership and commitment to the safety of the community. The Eversole Award is part of the Yvorra Leadership Development Foundations (YLD) annual award and scholarship program.

Assigned to the Metro Fire Training Division, Captain Hoy takes charge of shaping the future of the department by overseeing the training, performance evaluations, promotional testing, and career development of the Fire Engineer rank. His role extends beyond the confines of the training division, as he manages the 110-member hazardous materials response team, each member trained to the level of Hazardous Materials – Technician/Specialist.

The Chief Eversole Award, bestowed upon Captain Hoy, holds a unique purpose. It serves as a testament to his expertise in hazardous materials response and Weapons of Mass Destruction. The intent of the award is to provide financial assistance to individuals or organizations aspiring to pursue advanced training and educational activities in these critical areas. This recognition underlines Captain Hoy’s dedication to continuous improvement and his role as a key figure in the department’s success.

Speaking of success, the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District stands as a formidable force in emergency services. Covering a vast 357 square mile area, including the City of Citrus Heights, City of Rancho Cordova, and unincorporated areas of the County of Sacramento, Metro Fire is a culmination of 16 smaller fire departments that have merged over the years. Today, it proudly holds the title of the 7th largest fire agency in the State of California. With nearly 600 personnel staffing 42 fire stations organized into five battalions, Metro Fire is an embodiment of the term “all hazard.” From wildland to residential, commercial, and industrial areas, the department stands ready with its versatility and preparedness for any emergency.

For more information about the YLD Foundation and our commitment to advancing leadership in emergency response, visit YLD.org. The story of Captain Daniel Hoy and the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and excellence within the fire, EMS, hazmat, emergency management and homeland security community.

View Captain Daniel Hoy’s video describing his recognition.

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