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By: Gary Ludwig (2014)

One of the fire service’s most well-known and respected leaders reveals principles and events that have shaped his and other chief’s careers and leadership values that no “cookie-cutter” leadership or management book can provide. The real-world experiences and lessons that are vividly detailed in the book provide a roadmap for any aspiring firefighter wishing to be promoted, a company or chief officer looking to go to the next level, or a fire chief who wishes to further develop their leadership skills. Fully Involved Leadership, written by Chief Gary Ludwig addresses the tenets of leading firefighters at all ranks and levels, and provides a blueprint for not only motivating firefighters but inspiring them; not showing them how much you know, but how much you care; that leadership is not a position or title – it is an action and examples; reminding you that rank does not equate to leadership, the inverted table of organization, and much more! Fully Involved Leadership is filled with powerful leadership topics and at its core addresses the values of trust; the two key qualities needed to be a fire service leader – character and competence; how to keep your emotions in check by using I before E – intelligence before emotions; how to keep from making a wrong decision; why it is important to show honor to your firefighters, plus a whole lot more! Chief Ludwig offers warm and engaging stories of not only his experiences but other chief officers and how they learned from their mistakes when it comes to leadership. Chief Ludwig provides insights and hard lessons learned that makes you reflect upon the question, “Who would you follow if your life depended upon it?

[ISBN- 978-1593704216]