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2023 Yvorra Scholarship Award Recipient – John Mower

Congratulations to Mr. John Mower for being awarded the Chief James G. Yvorra Award for Fire and Emergency Services Responders! The Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation (YLD) selected him as one of their 2023 Scholarship recipients. This award provides financial assistance to individuals, organizations, or groups that have the potential to improve leadership development in the fire and emergency services through training and education. Mr. John Mower

John Mower, Emergency Management Specialist, U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) District 11 in Alameda, California is one of five 2023 recipients of the YLD scholarship.

John Mower’s selection was based on his impressive activities and responsibilities. He is a subject matter expert in the design, application, and implementation of wide area emergency management and preparedness efforts across the USCG Eleventh District. His work falls under the Clean Water Act of 1972, which was amended by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA90).

In addition to his expertise, John serves as the district-wide marine environmental pollution protection planning program coordinator and California coastal Area Committees coordinator. He oversees three California coastal Oil and Hazardous Materials Area Contingency Plans (ACPs). He also acts as the primary coastal Area Committee liaison to the Regional Response Team for Region IX (RRT9) and maintains liaison between the district and each Federal On-scene Coordinators (FOSC) Area Committee coordinators.

Furthermore, John manages the National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (NPREP) for USCG District 11. He coordinates exercise support to FOSCs within each of the three Sectors that encompass the California coast and adjacent navigable waters. His responsibilities include facilitating detailed planning for all threats and hazards within the USCG District 11 Area of Responsibility (AOR), which covers 840 miles of coastline with several hundred environmentally sensitive areas, over 3000 sq. miles of inland navigable waters, and an international border.

John plans and delivers exercises in-person and virtually as requested by the supported commands and partner agencies. He expertly manages concerns and issues when developing exercise design products. He also creates directives relative to exercise programs and related activities while staying updated on new methods and changes to program areas. John advises appropriate officials and the chain of command, coordinates the development and delivery of all required exercise documents, and reviews and manages the approval of unit exercise documentation and After Action Reports (AARs) in the USCG Contingency Planning System (CPS).

As the USCG District 11 ICS Coordinator, John provides oversight of Incident Command System (ICS) training and Watch Quarter Station Bill (WQSB) for all District 11 and subordinate command personnel. He collaborates with federal, state, and local partner agencies in this role. Additionally, he serves on the USCG District 11 Incident Management Team (IMT) to support Incident/Unified Command, Area Command, or Joint Field Office (JFO) operations.

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