"Through effective management and leadership, the individual can make a difference in the fire and emergency medical services."

Welcome to the Yvorra Leadership Development

The organization was founded in 1988 in memory of Deputy Fire Chief James G. Yvorra, who was killed in the line of duty. The primary goal of YLD is to promote the importance of leadership as a key element in developing and improving emergency services in the United States. To accomplish that the Foundation provides financial support to qualified applicants to pursue advanced leadership development training and education. Since YLD was founded, we have awarded over $148,000 in scholarships to members of the fire and emergency medical services.

Current Information

Left to right are YLD President Mike Hildebrand, YLD Treasurer JoAnne Fish Hildebrand, and Mission BBQ’s Douglas Plain and Katherine Donahue.

Our 2018 Scholarship and Awards program is now open for applications from qualified individuals. Any active career or volunteer Fire, Rescue, EMS, or Emergency management member or active duty or reserve U.S. military member who serves in an emergency response position is eligible.

In addition to scholarships, individuals, groups, or organizations in the fields of emergency response or emergency management may apply for funding for leadership development related projects.

To apply, click on “Applications.” To learn more about scholarships available, click on “Awards and Scholarships.” Also see “Letters of Recommendation.”

The deadline for applications is October 30, 2018. Award recipients are notified before January 1st. To learn more about current activities follow us on Facebook.