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Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level:
Books YLD Likes on Becoming a Better Leader 

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Books are listed in order of their publication date.

“Leadership Lessons for Formal and Informal Fire Service Leaders” (2012)
by Dr. Kimberly Alyn

Dr. Alyn conducted the largest known study in the fire service on leadership and organizational commitment. Her book provides readers with a variety of valuable leadership lessons. Topics include: Creating a Values-Driven Culture, Defining Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Reigniting Responsibility, Facilitating Accountability, The Power of the Company Officer, and The Power of Empowerment, The Power of Humility, Succession Planning, Success, The Change Resistance Myth, Dealing with Distrust in Your Department, Creating Consistency, and Becoming an Exceptional Leader.

ISBN: 978-0-615-66692-1

“Leadership Essentials for Emergency Medical Services” (2010)
by John Brophy

Leadership is essential to the future of the Emergency Medical Services and the success of our society. From the seasoned managers who seek to perfect their leadership skills to new providers who are preparing to rise up through the ranks, Leadership Essentials for Emergency Medical Services provides EMS professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to become true leaders. Part of the EMS Continuing Education series, the text is also ideal for use as a professional reference.

ISBN: 13:978-0-7637-5875-2

“From Buddy to Boss: Effective Fire Service Leadership” (2006)
by Chase Sargent

Fire service veteran Chase Sargent has taken his popular leadership training course and written a no-holds-barred leadership book for the fire service in a conversational and easy-to-read style. He tells you how to accept and survive politics, deal with the fringe employees, and keep your cool — tricks of the trade that usually take years to acquire.

“First In, Last Out: Leadership Lessons from the New York Fire Department” (2004)
by John Salka

What does it take to lead people into a burning building? How do the leaders of the New York City Fire Department develop so much loyalty, trust, and grace under pressure that their subordinates will risk their very lives for them? As a high-ranking officer of the FDNY, John Salka is an expert at both practicing and teaching high-stakes leadership. In First In, Last Out, he explains the department’s unique strategies and how they can be adopted by leaders in any field—as he has taught them to organizations around the country.

ISBN 1-59184-025-2